Auction Event & Fantasy League
for local tournaments

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  • UCC Premier League
  • BNI Amritsar Premier League
  • Jain Premier League
  • UCC Super Series
  • Mumbai
  • GTCC Elite

Unique offerings for your local cricket league

  • Auction Hosting
  • Play physical tournament
  • Fantasy League
  • Player ranking through fantasy league scores

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1A - Live Auctions

Build your dream team

  • Get together in teams and bid for your favourite players in a specially curated Live auction event.
  • Assemble your squad for your local tournament and sit back and let your players challenge for the trophy.

1b - Auction process

  • Each team is given a budget of 200 Lakhs.
  • Players list, auction props and material will be given to each table/team
  • The players will be drawn at random and player will be sold to the highest bidder
  • Auction ends when all squads are completed

1C - What's unique about our auctions

  • Auction is hosted by professional auctioneers and monitored on Cricbattle app
  • Each table has live access on our platform to view bids and sold players to plan strategy
  • Post auction teams are automatically updated on the Cricbattle league

2 - Play physical tournament

  • Host your local tournament
  • Prepare match schedules and announce prizes
  • Auctioned players will play from the respective teams as per the schedule
  • CricBattle will build a custom made app for you. Example ABC Fantasy App
  • Your users will use the custom app for playing fantasy, follow scores and monitor different stats and ranking of the players

3A - Fantasy League

  • Fantasy league is launched based on the squad of auctioned players and tournament fixtures
  • Tournament organizers, players, participants, audience and their family + friends create their #DreamTeam
  • Users will score points based on the the player's performance in their team and rank in the leaderboard
  • Users can win prizes declared by the tournament organizers
  • Relationship building, helps to socialize and create communication among all the individuals involved in the tournament

3B - Cricbattle will build your branded the platform

Our completely customizable platform can be adapted to your organization's needs.

Key features

  • Privacy
  • Exclusive league for your company
  • Flexible playing schedules
  • Completely customisable league
  • Attractive pricing
  • no personal/business information required

3C - Easy to play

  • Step 1
    Visit your own branded platform and register
  • Step 2
    Enter the private token code to join your company's league.
  • Step 3
    Create your team and manage for the whole tournament to score points
  • Step 4
    Check live rankings in the leaderboard.

4 - Player ranking

  • As the players perform on the field their scores will form rankings of different parameters
  • Monitor live ranking of each players in the form of fantasy scores as the match progresses on the ground
  • Multiple categories of players ranking. Eg, Most runs, most wickets, most catches, highest fantasy points etc
  • Use this ranking to evaluate player's performance and consistency
  • Declare Man Of the Match based on the fantasy points