Boost Your Employee Engagement with Fantasy Cricket

CricBattle is a web-based platform that allows you to configure your fantasy cricket leagues for the IPL 2024. You can invite your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to participate in your leagues and compete for prizes, rewards, and bragging rights.

CricBattle is not just a game, it's a gamification tool that helps you achieve your employee engagement goals

  • Are you looking for a new and innovative way to engage your employees and improve your organizational culture?
  • Do you want to offer your employees a fun and exciting way to connect with their colleagues, managers, and customers?
  • Do you want to leverage the power of cricket to create a positive and productive work environment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then signup for a quick demo on how you can utilise CricBattle's ultimate fantasy cricket platform for employee engagement.

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  • Improve employee morale and retention by providing a fun and exciting way to interact with their colleagues and managers
  • Enhance employee performance and motivation by offering incentives and recognition for their achievements
  • Strengthen employee communication and collaboration by encouraging them to share their opinions, strategies, and feedback
  • Increase employee loyalty and advocacy by creating a sense of belonging and community among your staff
  • Foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and healthy competition by challenging them to work together and achieve common goals

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Cricbattle has the platform for you

Our completely customisable platform can be adapted to your company needs.

Key features

  • Privacy
  • Exclusive league for your company
  • Flexible playing schedules
  • Completely customisable league
  • Attractive pricing
  • no personal/business information required

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Platforms to Play On

Available on web, mobile, ios and android apps.